Thursday, 17 May 2012

60 seconds with Becca McGrath

Name: Becca McGrath

5 words to describe your practice: Quirky Biro pictures coloured with doodles (sorry, I know that's 6 but I can't get it to 5!).

Exhibiting at: Fearndean Manor, Haworth & Bradford Library.

The most unusual thing about my work is: I only use biros for my pictures, and I have to fill every space with a pattern or a doodle.

3 biggest inspirations on your practice:

Nature: The designs, patterns and colours of the world around me make me want to create pictures, I always try to carry a camera around with me as there is usually some flower or shape that catches my eye.

My Parents: My Mum has always created wonderful designs and my Dad is a mathematician, I like to think my work is a combination of their influences!

I want to show that art doesn't have to be traditional media, I love working with biros and think my pictures benefit from me using them. I wouldn't be able to create the designs I do with any other media, and I wouldn't want to work with anything else.

Take a look at Becca's blog for more of her fascinating doodle artworks:

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