Monday, 28 May 2012

Studio culture with David Starley

Name: David Starley
5 words to describe your practice:
Oil paint, thickly, lusciously, atmospherically
Exhibiting at:
Studio 1
Butterfly Rooms
73 Bingley Road
BD18 4SB

Saturday 2nd June 10am- 5pm, Sunday 3rd to Tuesday 5th June 10am - 4pm
The most unusual thing about my work is... The amount of paint that goes onto each canvas
3 biggest inspirations on your practice:
The landscape of Yorkshire in all its moods and character
Our historic, man-made heritage – preferably a little battered by the years
Oil paint-amazing stuff!

David describes the difference between gallery exhibitions and seeing artwork in the artists studio:

"Galleries are great for giving that cool professional gloss to your work with their carefully positioned lighting, soft music, hovering proprietor and cultivated selling atmosphere. – But a visit to an artist’s studio is a more direct personal experience. Mine’s pretty much a traditional artist’s garret with a steep and narrow climb which then opens out to my working studio with the tools of my trade, paintings ongoing, paintings drying and paintings awaiting a gallery or a direct buyer. It’s a full sensory experience of sight, smell and touch – well the dry ones at least - and you’ll get to meet the artist as he works – who knows even add your own touch to his latest work!"

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